How would you interpret this principle? Sustain Your Errors 

Sustain your errors is a series of workshops and events re-interpreting a set of ideas by artist and musician David Cunningham first used for his 1976 album Grey Scale. The project is based on conversations between Cicely Farrer and David Cunningham around ways of interpreting the scores and their guiding principles. Originally designed for sound, this project

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Fictional Tales of Imaginary Lifespans

Beginning with a writhing naked woman, the NEoN Artists’ Shorts Screening Programme was a cosy affair which took place in a packed George Orwell on 7 November. Over the course of several films it explored the lifespans of imaginary insects, our electronic waste, female fertility, and more. The first film ‘Infected’ by Gina Czarnecki was

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Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Vol 22

Kung fu, Brazil, alcohol festooned string trails, dinosaurs, fractals and roller derby: it was one of those nights where you could find yourself talking about anything. Dundee Rep was packed solid for Creative Dundee’s NEoN themed Pecha Kucha event, a performative ‘Hey, this is what I’m into’ style get together. Pecha Kucha is a presentation

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A Rough Day-by-Day Guide to NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2018

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of events, activities, exhibitions, and talks taking place this week as part of NEoN digital arts festival? Here’s a handy day-by-day breakdown of what’s on. Of course not everything is included – for instance there will be workshops taking place in our temporary Activity Room in the Wellgate shopping centre

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A Brief Introduction To Xerox’s Paradox

“3D software is very particular and not all of it is that accessible especially in a short session,” says John Butler, a Glasgow-based artist as he introduces himself for his Animation & Digital Design Workshop at Bonar Hall on the University of Dundee campus on October 20th. John begins by apologising for not changing into

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Cassie McQuater’s Black Room

NEoN blogger Ana Hine caught up with Cassie McQuater to discuss her online interactive art piece ‘Black Room’ and how she feels about this year’s festival. Ana: You’ll be taking part in the Weave group show in the Wellgate. How did you get involved in Weave? Cassie: Clare Brennan reached out to me to introduce

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