NEoN the Digital Donator

DYW Digital Donator _____________________ NEoN is partnering with Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), St Paul’s Academy and their very proactive Computing Department.  St. Paul’s Secondary School serves some of the most deprived areas of the east and west of Dundee city. During the lockdown, it became apparent to teachers and support staff that a number

Festival Producer Opportunity

NEoN Digital Arts Festival are excited to announce we are recruiting for a Festival Producer to facilitate our annual programme. This includes the management of pop-up events throughout the year and our annual festival in November.  The Producer will work closely with the core team on the development and delivery of the 2020 NEoN Digital

Review: Alberta Whittle at DCA, trying to breathe with chains around your ankles

In her Meet The Artist talk before the opening of her How Flexible Can We Make The Mouth solo exhibition at Dundee Contemporary Arts, Barbadian-Scottish artist Alberta Whittle began by talking about breath. “There’s this idea of punctuation and what punctuation can do and how it can actually create a guide to invite people to


The RE:MAKE/RE:SIST show from Weave by Abertay is not afraid to pull punches. Part of this year’s NEoN digital arts festival, the show takes the theme of ‘react’ and runs with it, including pieces on gun violence, gender-based stereotypes, racist biometric technology and other hard-hitting subjects. NEoN co-curator Joseph DeLappe displays his newly finished work

Our Daily Guide To NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2019

We appreciate that there’s a lot going on for NEoN digital arts festival this year! It’s part of the reason we love it, but it can be daunting. So here’s a day-by-day guide to our festival. We couldn’t include everything, but hopefully this will help bring some structure to your NEoN experience this year! Monday

Diversity Is Not The Enemy Of Quality

Diversity and equality, in a city as diverse as Dundee, are still surprisingly undeveloped in the creative industries sector . It is important that the institutions providing platforms for creative workers and artists in the city are able to acknowledge how our processes are still informed by historical injustices which consistently alienate key creative voices,

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