Fictional Tales of Imaginary Lifespans

Beginning with a writhing naked woman, the NEoN Artists’ Shorts Screening Programme was a cosy affair which took place in a packed George Orwell on 7 November. Over the course of several films it explored the lifespans of imaginary insects, our electronic waste, female fertility, and more. The first film ‘Infected’ by Gina Czarnecki was

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Travel Blogging with the Leishmania Parasite

Para-site-seeing is a travel blogging portal for the Leishmania parasite, created by Jen Southern and Rod Dillon and co-commissioned with NEoN and the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research.  This travel blogging site follows the movements of parasites between humans, dogs, insects and laboratory lives, across the world and through time. The lifespan of the Leishmania parasite

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Data As Material – Julie Freeman’s We Need Us

Julie Freeman is interested in using data – particularly ‘life data’ – as an art material. She develops software that lets her transform the movement of biological creatures, such as fish or human beings, and environments, before converting this information into stunning visual pieces. NEoN digital communications officer Ana Hine caught up with her to

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UCracking – generative art from Marius Watz

Marius Watz is a Norwegian artist and curator who works in the field of generative art. He will be exhibiting as part of the Weave by Abertay group show in the Wellgate centre for this year’s NEoN digital arts festival. He will also be exhibiting work in the café of the Dundee Science Centre as

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Our Programme is Live! 6 – 11 November 2018

NEoN Digital Arts Festival: Lifespans 6 – 11 November 2018 Today we launch our online programme! Celebrating our tenth year, NEoN digital arts festival’s theme in 2018 is “Lifespans” – addressing both our socio-digital lives online and real-world lives offline. In this, Scotland’s Year of Young People, NEoN is envisioning the paths of ‘digital natives’,

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Cassie McQuater’s Black Room

NEoN blogger Ana Hine caught up with Cassie McQuater to discuss her online interactive art piece ‘Black Room’ and how she feels about this year’s festival. Ana: You’ll be taking part in the Weave group show in the Wellgate. How did you get involved in Weave? Cassie: Clare Brennan reached out to me to introduce

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