Pop Up

NEoN’s flat curatorial structure in which students, volunteers, industry experts and artists are welcome to attend weekly meetings and develop programme, means we have evolved from programming solely in terms of an annual or biannual festival highlighting the latest work in the field towards working on an annual programme which builds across the year to the festival itself in November, scaling programme to different audiences and venues.

Embroidered Digital Commons by Ele Carpenter

This newly developed programming format allows us to fit in with and respond to other initiatives across the city of Dundee and across Scotland, and align ourselves with programming opportunities which allow us to add value in terms of commisisoning and presenting creative digital content.

NEoN’s pop-up programme has appeared at a number events in the city including the Ignite festival, Dundee Design Festival and Dundee Science Festival. Interventions have included pop-up inflatable architecture with Jordan Geiger, architecture memes, the launch of virtual Dundee Royal Arch and commissioning an installation and performance for DARE /DiGRA.

Pop up programme during 2018:

Generation ZX(X)

Pop up programme during 2017:

Whale by Yolande Harries

Daring Curating: International Forum for Art and Technology in Africa

Rendering The Past with AND Festival

Embroidered Digital Commons

Pop up programme during 2016:

JODI: Variable Art for the ZX Spectrum

The Space You’re In

A Charge for Privacy by design collective Branger_Briz

Polygon Unicorns part of Westfest

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