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The Gathering Cloud by J. R. Carpenter (2016)


NEoN Haiku (2015) – Inspired by the New York Times Haiku project, and developed locally by Albert Elwin using open source software, NEoN’s HaikuBot generates haiku by trawling through news stories in The Courier online.

The Space You’re In (IMAGE MACRO GENERATOR), 2016 – For our pop up event The Spaces We’re In we created our own meme generator, showing image macros, or Internet memes – funny or playful combinations of text and image, which widely circulate on the web.

The Gathering Cloud (2017) – a hybrid print and web-based work by J. R. Carpenter. This work aims to address the environmental impact of so-called ‘cloud’ computing through the oblique strategy of calling attention to the materiality of the clouds in the sky.

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