new online commission The Gathering Cloud

NEoN Digital Arts hereby launches the new online commission by J. R. Carpenter, a hybrid online and print piece called The Gathering Cloud. Find it online at (note: the work is not yet designed for phone or tablet – it works best on desktop screens.) The online work brings together Luke Howard’s classic “Essay

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The 16 year old looking to make a career in GIFs

In case you couldn’t tell, we love GIFs at NEoN! Not only can the endless loop of images be amusing when they’re clips from you’re favourite TV show or film, but they can also be pieces of digital art as mentioned in a previous post: GIFs as digital art. However, how many of you think about who has

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Interacting with holograms: The future is here!

Holograms nowadays are a bit dated. Sure, the Michael Jackson hologram which has appeared in concerts, in music videos and at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards was pretty cool but it seems a bit like the type of technology you’d expect in a film from the 80s. But, that could soon change. Yoichi Ochiai, Principle

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GIFs in the professional world: The first GIF based documentary

If you’ve read our previous blog post ‘GIFs as Digital Art’, you’ll have learned that this month (June) marks the 28th anniversary of the GIF. It is also in this same month that the first GIF based documentary work was released, creating a fresh perspective of the GIF on its 28th birthday. Tapered Throne is a documentary

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Drop in and Play: Open Call

Dundee Contemporary Arts, NEoN Digital Arts Festival and Quartic Llama are looking for developers to take part in a special gaming event to celebrate this years festival. Drop in and Play is a free event on Sat 9 November from 16:00-18:00 for members of the public to play games made by local developers and meet

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An interview with Jaygo Bloom creator of Bom-Baze

  As the NEoN 2012 digital arts festival is drawing closer we have decided to release a small burst of what you should expect to see. We have caught up with Jaygo Bloom creator of ‘Bombaze’ a digital gameplay app made especially for Dundee. In this interview we asked Bloom to describe the app in

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