NEoN 2014

2nd-8th November 2014

Crafting Light – Future Materials Workshop
Sun 2nd, 2pm – 4pm
Roseangle Arts Society
Future Materials Workshop – crafted by Creative Dundee In this 2 hour workshop, participants made a wearable fibre optic…Read more…



Exhibition Opening
Sun 2nd, 4pm – 7pm
Hannah Maclure Centre
Bell Street

The opening of our flagship exhibition of the 2014 festival, Coded After Lovelace, was curated by Nora…Read more…





Mon 3rd, 7pm – 9pm
Club Romano
16A West Wynd

The film Europe in 8 Bits was a highlight of the festival. This documentary explored the world of chip music….Read more…



Pecha Kucha
Tue 4th, 7pm – 10pm
Bonar Hall
University of Dundee, Park Place

Presented by Creative Dundee Pecha Kucha Night Dundee was an opportunity for anyone to come along and hear about what’s…Read more…



Electric Bookshop
Wed 5th, 8pm – 10pm
Folk Cafe
118 Nethergate

For projects that won’t fit neatly between bookends. Featured discussions, presentations and Q&A participation, skype guests, live/online/interactive/debates and demonstrations of…Read more…



AYMABTU (All Your Media are Belong to Us)
Thurs 6th, 7pm – 9pm
Nilupul Centre
Reform Street

All Your Media are Belong to Us screening night was a mash up of retro tech and seasoned art works with…Read more…



Show Us Your Assets
Fri 10.30am – 4.30pm
44 Whitehall Crescent
Malmaison Dundee

A mini symposium on futureproofing the digital arts which invited art historians, academic researchers, archivists and artists to debate tactics…Read more…


Murray Ballard – An illustrated talk
Fri 7th, 5.30pm
Dundee Science Centre

In the spirit of sharing, NEoN worked with the Dundee Science Festival to bring the artist Murray Ballard to…Read more…




Oor Legacy Street Projection
Fri 6pm – 10pm
Boots Corner
City Square

OOR GAMES  was digital media youth project, co-ordinated by Nilupul Foundation, led by young people in Dundee, and funded by the…Read more…



Click Click Click
Fri 7th, 8pm – 10pm
HMC Cinema
Bell Street

Click. Click. Click. Copy. Paste. Drag. Drop. These are the new gestures of digital image making. Click Click Click is…Read more…


TV21 Forum
Sat 8th, 12pm – 2pm
Hannah Maclure Centre
Bell Street

TV21 was a project involving 16-19 years olds from the Dundee area to make new short video art works inspired…Read more…



NEoN Finale – BYOB
Sat 8th, 8pm – 12am
Vision Building
20 Greenmarket Seabraes

NEoN’s infamous Finale Party, where NEoN teamed up with Yuck ‘n Yum to create a projection wonderland filled with…Read more…


Mon 3rd – Sat 8th
Bell Street
Hannah Maclure Centre

If you missed the opening of our flagship exhibition, Coded After Lovelace, viewers could catch it at the Hannah Maclure Centre over the…Read more…





Stutterer by Thomson & Craighead
Sun 2nd – Sat 8th
LifeSpace Gallery
University of Dundee

On view at LifeSpace, Dundee’s Science Art Research Gallery was a new work by internationally leading media artists Thomson &…Read more…





AABA BBAB by Oliver Mezger
Sun 2nd – Sat 8th
Ward Road Space
Ward Road

Oliver Mezger made works that explored the instability of our minds to recall and remember. Interested in questioning contemporary cultures…Read more…


Technology Object of the Day (Online)
Sun 2nd – Sat 8th
NEoN Blog

From the University of Dundee Museum Services…Read more…