Catrin Jeans is interested in being a house-hold brand name. Her work and image manifests itself in performances and events, where she adopts roles and guises as a means of communicating tabloid and pop culture. Inspired by the internet and it’s pace, Sarah Messenger, wishes to become the internet. she loves the Internet and the Internet loves her. Working together with Tumblr and video editing to create her work. Together Jeans and Messenger form 0800-GRL-DRMZ.

0800-GRL-DRMZ will bring mainstream pop trash and celebrity culture into the Hannah Maclure Centre’s micro-cinema with the showing of their own variety programme and launching of the official 0800-GRL-DRMZ shop, where you can officially acquire 0800-GRL-DRMZ brand merch!

The live interaction of process and product will allow Jeans and Messenger to actively explore the overlaps and boundaries between the two. Can 0800-GRLDRMZ, as artists, be a brand? One that can be marketed, sold and destined for fame?

Website: http://grldrmz.hotglue.me/

The event starts at 8:30 but come along earlier to meet the self-made celebrities and enjoy eating some delicious stovies, this is the perfect event to warm up after the fireworks and discover 0800-GIRL-DRMZ.

Event information

Title: 0800-GRL-DRMZ
Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Where: Abertay Union (top floor), Bell Street
When: Monday 5th November
Time: 8.30pm

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